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Cleopatra Scrolls

****************************************************************** * * * Ahoy, mateys. Apparently the decipherment team is working * * overtime to bring you the results of their research in * * "Interesting Archeaology", the well-respected publication * * which by now, hopefully readers are familiar with. Here is * * the third article in the series about the Cleopatra Scrolls. * * * ******************************************************************

The Author of the Blonde Slave Scrolls of Cleopatra

Decipherment of the Blonde Slave Scrolls of Cleopatra continue. The author is discovered and another episode is presented as related in the scrolls.

by Walter S. Rolfson

Recent articles have been published in this journal which chronicle the descriptions found in newly discovered scrolls now known to to have been written in the time of Cleopatra. These scrolls, as regular readers will already know, relate the antics of Cleopatra and one of her slaves, only referred to in the scrolls as "Blonde One." As the newest member of the decipherment team, it was gratifying to be given the task of deciphering scrolls V through VIII at a time when many professionals in the scientific community are anxious to learn their contents. The initial taste of the contents of the scrolls portrayed in "The Cleopatra Scrolls," by Walter Willie and Horst Stucker; INTERESTING ARCHEOLOGY, October 1991 and the beginning of the formal translation provided in "Decipherment of The Blonde Slave Origin Scrolls of Cleopatra," by Joseph E. Service; INTERESTING ARCHEOLOGY, November 1991 has whetted the appetite of archaeologists the world over. The work on these latest scrolls has taken much work, many hours of which were performed late at night with the able assistance of the author's wife.

Scroll IV ended with Cleopatra graciously allowing the blonde slave to experience orgasm, but followed with a warning that the slave was expected to perform for his queen and a promise that satisfactory performance could be well-rewarded. However, up to this point in the scrolls it was not clear who the author of the scrolls actually was. It had been assumed by the decipherment team that the author of the scrolls was Cleopatra herself. This view was held since in ancient Egypt, few slaves could master reading and writing and whereas normally a scribe would have been summoned by the queen for any such work, the private nature of the material in the scrolls would have necessitated Cleopatra write them herself. Furthermore, there was no actual reference to the author or any clues in scrolls I through IV which would have indicated otherwise. The reader can imagine the surprise which spread like a wave through the decipherment team when scroll V contained the clue necessary to definitively identify the scrolls' author.

Contained in scroll V is a curious linguistic device which positively identifies the native language of the author. The author refers to "the hospital" at one point. The reader may remember that previous work on the scrolls had tentatively identified the homeland of the blonde slave as being somewhere in the New World. It is a well known fact established long ago by Noam Chomsky, noted linguist, that the usage of the article "the" before words like "hospital" is an artifice originated in the New World. Natives of the Old World would have simply used "hospital" without the preceding article. The only individual in Cleopatra's palace known to have originated in the New World is the blonde slave, as there is no record of Cleopatra having brought back any other slaves from the New World. Establishing the authorship of the scrolls has done much to allow the decipherment team to appropriately color the translations. Previous work done on scrolls I to IV may be revised now knowing that the author was male, primitive and unfamiliar with the language he was using. Knowing this about the author has allowed the translations of scrolls V through VIII to proceed with more confidence in the finer points of translation and allows the translator to be more specific in the use of idiom, humor and sexual viewpoint.

The reader is asked to recall that in Scroll IV the cleverness of the blonde slave was revealed. He quickly mastered his new language and realized the importance of making his presence and services invaluable to his King and Queen. He maneuvered himself into a position of importance to the running of the kingdom and cleverly submitted himself to the Queen's need for dominance, selfishness and hunger for power. In scroll V, however, the slave realizes that he was not the only slave which could satisfy these needs for his Queen. The Queen had been virtually overwhelmed by the agility and strength of the slave's fingers, tongue and cock, but these were mere physical attributes that might be duplicated in another slave. He also realized that the novelty of being the only blonde slave in the Queen's possession would most certainly wear off with time. The slave realized that to protect his well-being and position as the Queen's primary lover, he would have to find some other, more permanent motivation for his Queen to keep him.

The motivation the slave needed was apparently provided shortly after incident contained in scroll IV. It may be remembered that the slave was often required to attend meetings at which the King discussed affairs of state. The slave learned much during these meetings, but the slave felt much more was to be learned at meetings which he was not able to attend. The slave took to wandering the halls of the palace at odd hours in an attempt to overhear conversation and obtain useful information. The slave of course was not permitted to in the private quarters of the King and Queen unless summoned for, but one night he happened to discover the King and Queen in the palace kitchen. Being very late at night, all the servants and slaves were in their quarters and the kitchen was deserted, save for the King and Queen. Much to his surprise, the slave saw that the King was mostly naked, his clothes scattered about the kitchen floor. Cleopatra was on her knees before the king eagerly sucking the King's enormous, throbbing, erect cock. The slave was surprised to see this occurring at all, but the slave was especially surprised at the size of the King's cock and the strength of its erectness. The slave had supposed that the reason Cleopatra sought sexual relief with slaves was the lack of desire or ability on the part of the King to satisfy her. However, here was proof to the contrary. Cleopatra was deriving intense pleasure from sucking the King and the King was obviously enjoying it immensely. Cleopatra was squirming on her knees and when the King's cock erupted in orgasm, Cleopatra seemed to experience an orgasm of her own. She swallowed the come which spurt from the King and even after the King had finished shooting into Cleopatra's mouth, she continued licking and sucking, her eyes closed and moans escaping her lips.

After the King and Queen were done, the slave could hear them talking. The King was telling Cleopatra that if he ever found her giving a slave pleasure, he would "send her to the hospital." [Author's note: This was the clue which identified the author of the scrolls. Had Cleopatra written this sentence, she would have worded it "send her to hospital."] It was now clear that indeed Cleopatra had experienced a massive orgasm as her King's cock was spurting into her mouth. She was weak and barely able to speak as she remained kneeling on the floor. The slave could just make out Cleopatra's weak and submissive claim that the King gave her more pleasure than she could physically endure. The King then uttered the words that gave the slave his ultimate insurance that Cleopatra could never turn against him. The King explained that should he ever catch Cleopatra with a slave, he would make Cleopatra a slave and elevate the slave to royal status. That would be the ultimate punishment, he declared. With those words, the King pulled Cleopatra to her feet, bent her over a nearby table and proceeded to thrust his still hard cock into the wet and waiting cunt of Cleopatra. The slave quietly watched for several minutes while the King vigorously pressed every inch of his tremendous cock into the panting and moaning Cleopatra. He would have like to have watched the conclusion, but not wishing to be accidentally caught he stole off into the night with this new treasure, a wide smile of satisfaction on his face.

It wasn't long before the slave decided to test his insurance with the Queen. As promised, the Queen had been instructing the blonde slave in the ways of pleasing his queen. The slave had generally been able to satisfy his queen but there had been very little if any pleasure experienced by the slave up to this point. The Queen was instructing the slave in a particular regimen which obviously she enjoyed very much. The slave was stripped to only his loincloth and then commanded to lie on the royal bed on his back. The Queen would stroke and fondle his cock to a vigorous erection, then release it from his loincloth. The Queen, who had completely stripped, would then straddle her blonde slave and bring her cunt into contact with his rigid cock. There was no penetration, the Queen merely using the slave's cock like a living dildo to stroke the outside of her cunt. Stroking the slave's cock to attain erection had aroused the Queen and her cunt was very wet at this point. The slave was expected to lie there and feel the Queen's wet cunt sliding up and down the length of his cock. Cleopatra gently stroked herself with the slave's cock. He could feel the lips of her cunt spread and stradle the underside of the shaft of his cock. Every now and then, the Queen would slide her cunt lips up to the tip of his cock in order to stroke her clitoris with the swollen knob. During all of this if the slave ever allowed himself to come, he was sent to his quarters and locked there for days, until the Queen decided to let the slave try to please her again. Cleopatra stroked the slave's cock in this manner until she achieved orgasm and collapsed on the royal bed beside the slave. The slave was then expected to dress and the leave the Queen to enjoy the wonderful afterglow of her intense orgasm.

Once the slave had mastered this activity, the Queen turned to a new form of pleasure for herself. She initially started by again straddling the slave in order to stroke her cunt with his erection. She did this until her cunt lips were swollen, hot and very wet. Then she turned the slave over on his front. She slowly pulled the slave's loincloth down until his ass was exposed. She briefly slid her hand underneath the slave to stroke his erection while she stroked herself with her other hand. The sight or feel of an erect cock was a tremendous excitement for the Queen and stroking the slave's cock while his ass was exposed to her ensured that her level of arousal was sufficient for what she had planned. With one hand she spread the cheeks of the slave's ass while with the finger that had been deep inside her cunt, she massaged the slave's most sensitive part, lubricating it with her juices. When she felt he was sufficiently wet, she lowered herself against his crack. Her clitoris was swollen and red from the intense stimulation the Queen had afforded herself. Cleopatra pushed herself against him, pushing her clitoris against his ass. She sharply instructed the slave to raise his ass so as to spread the cheeks and afford the Queen better access as she tried to penetrate the slave's asshole with her clitoris. The slave could feel the wet lips of his Queen's cunt sliding back and forth across his asshole. She urged the slave to raise his ass even higher off the royal bed as she pushed even harder against him. He felt her clitoris now pressing against his asshole. Cleopatra's breathing was now faster, her thrusts more urgent as she squealed and cried. In less than a minute she gave one final lingering push and her whole body stiffened. She was silent for a short time, then high-pitched yelps merged with low groans as the slave felt the immense continuous pressure on his ass. Finally, the Queen collapsed on the bed, glowing and exhausted. The slave knowing it was over then tried to place his terribly swollen cock back into his loincloth and left the Queen as before to enjoy her afterglow.

During this part of his training the slave was often instructed to lie on his back while the Queen pushed her cunt against his cock, then roll over while she did the same with his asshole. He would then be instructed to roll onto his back again, then his front. The Queen took great pleasure in alternating between the two, often experiencing orgasm in one position then continuing with another orgasm in the other position. Needless to say, the slave was receiving much instruction but no pleasure. The slave often wondered about the Queen's promise, as revealed in Scroll IV, to "teach him new things and new ways to share her pleasure." Of course the slave knew that to mention this unfulfilled promise to the Queen would have brought swift punishment far greater than the pleasurable spankings the Queen often delivered to the slave. So for the moment, the slave was forced to be satisfied with quickly running back to his quarters, trying to hide his erection, where he could finally stroke himself and relieve the incredible need the Queen's instruction had left unfulfilled. The slave often was forced to masturbate in his quarters when the Queen's activities would fill his mind during the night, preventing him from sleeping until he stroked his cock to intense orgasm. [Authors note: Preliminary translation indicate that the slave's frequent masturbation is the subject of Scrolls IX through XI in which Cleopatra apparently sought appropriate revenge for the activities which this article is about to relate.]

After several weeks of this "instruction," the slave decided it was time to see if it would be possible to persuade the Queen to share the pleasure that up to now she had been experiencing alone. The next time that Cleopatra summoned the slave for instruction, the slave appeared but when Cleopatra commanded the slave to undress, he declined and asked if he could speak with Cleopatra a moment. The Queen who might have otherwise punished the slave, was taken aback by this request from a slave who had up to then been totally and completely submissive. The slave saw her hesitation and took the opportunity. He explained to her what he had seen in the royal kitchen that night and what he had heard. As he explained, he could see the color drain from the Queen's face as she realized that the slave now held a power over her. The slave now knew that he would be able to achieve his end, but he also was aware of the Queen's immense power and that he musn't try to attain control of the Queen but merely a strange sort of parity in the enjoyment of sexual pleasure. Cleopatra quietly asked the slave what he wanted. The slave explained that in all weeks that had passed since the one orgasm she had afforded him, [see "The Cleopatra Scrolls," by Walter Willie and Horst Stucker; INTERESTING ARCHEOLOGY, October 1991]. he had never been allowed to achieve orgasm with her in any form. He proposed that the time had come for them to begin sharing the pleasure as the Queen had once promised. To this end, he expected to Queen to spend their next session totally devoted to giving him pleasure, after which they would then either take turns in devoting themselves totally to the other or concentrate on mutual shared pleasure. The Queen, seeing that the slave wasn't really trying to blackmail her at all, agreed and asked the slave what he wanted for his pleasure during today's session. The slave indicated that there would be no session today and that he wanted the Queen to prepare for their next session, at which time he would expect total pleasure.

Somewhat puzzled, the queen asked the slave what she ought to do to prepare. The slave explained that he had heard talk in the slave's quarters of fabrics which only royalty could obtain. These fabrics were said to be very thin and very smooth, that against the skin these fabrics felt like the softest and smoothest skin of a young woman. The slave explained that he wanted Cleopatra to obtain for him a loincloth made of these fabrics. He told her that the loincloth was to be very small. It was cover as little of his genitals and ass as was necessary to conceal them. He wanted it to feel like a soft hand holding his cock and balls and nothing else. When aroused, his cock would grow until the loincloth could no longer hold it. His cock would then extend from the loincloth until only his swollen balls were held in the soft fabric. When the Queen had obtained this loincloth made of this wonderful fabric, she was to summon him to her quarters. The Queen agreed and dismissed the blonde slave.

Cleopatra summoned the slave to her quarters the very next day. As the slave entered here royal bedroom, she took him by the hand to a small table on which rested a royal purple velvet pillow. On this pillow lay the wondrous loincloth which she had neatly arranged to present to the slave. Cleopatra looked at the slave and saw his eyes staring at the loincloth with a look of satisfaction. She then asked the slave how she might proceed in satisfying him. He instructed her to remove his clothes so that she might put the loincloth on him. She undressed the slave until he was naked and then turned to pick up the loincloth. She saw the slave's cock starting to grow and she quickly grabbed the tip between her fingers and applied pressure to stop the impending erection. "No," she murmured. "We'll never get it inside this tiny loincloth if you don't wait." She allowed the slave to step into the loincloth and she slowly raised up his legs and pulled it over his ass and genitals. "Now what shall we do?" she asked. The slave proceeded to lie down on the bed and instructed his Queen to undress before him. He enjoyed the sight of his Queen's lovely breasts as they fell free when she removed her tunic. He could see his Queen was aroused by the stiffness and erectness of the large nipples. Unfortunately, he thought, she will have to deal with her arousal alone after he left.

His Queen now was naked and kneeling over him awaiting his instructions. "Kiss, suck and bite my nipples," he ordered, which Cleopatra immediately obeyed. As she did so, his cock began to swell in the loincloth. He could feel the soft material enclosing his swelling organ. As Cleopatra continued sucking his nipples he took one of her hands and guided it down to his swelling organ. She stroked it several times and it continue growing until it popped free of the loincloth and extended naked from him. She took his naked cock in her hand and began stroking the length of it. "Enough sucking. Kneel between my legs," he instructed. She did, her hands still stroking his erect cock. "Place your hands on my balls and massage them gently." Cleopatra quickly complied with every request. As she massaged the blonde slave's balls she would press down around the base of his cock, causing it to swell. The head was swollen and dark in color. She could see veins on the surface, swollen, pumping his cock to an even harder erection. Inside she longed to have this immense swollen organ stroking her cunt. "Now use your fingers to trace the edge of the loincloth," came the next command. She did so, running her fingers along the top of the loincloth and down between the slaves legs next to his balls. The slave spread his legs and raised his hips so that Cleopatra could trace down past his balls and towards his ass.

With some difficulty the slave rolled over onto his front, managing to tuck his erection beneath him. As he gave instructions to his Queen, she complied: She ran her hands down his back until they were cupping the cheeks of his ass. She massaged them for a while and the slid her two thumbs under the edge of the soft loincloth so she could spread the cheeks. She alternately spread them and pressed them together. The slave started to moan with this treatment. His breathing was quickening. He managed to give the next instructions with some difficulty between moans. Cleopatra slowly ran her hands down his back until they reached the top of the loincloth which she grasped and slowly pulled down a little ways over his ass. She repeated this over and over, slowly tugging down the loincloth little by little until the blonde slave's ass was exposed. He then instructed her to pull the loincloth back up and sit on the bed. The slave proceeded to lie over her lap and instructed her to start spanking him. The slave now started squirming in her lap as her hand landed on his ass time after time. His breathing was quick and through his open mouth as he enjoyed the repeated feel of his Queen's hand on his ass. He told her to pull the loincloth up into the crack of his ass so he could feel her hand on his naked ass. She did so, but before she resumed spanking him, she spread his ass cheeks with the finger of one hand while she pressed the soft material of the loincloth against his asshole with the other. She kept the cheeks of his ass spread as she rubbed back and forth and pressed into his asshole. The slave's moans were now loud and frequent, punctuated by loud gasping breaths. Cleopatra sensed the slave was unable to give any more commands at this moment, so she took it on herself to pull the fabric of the loincloth aside, moisten her finger in her mouth and slowly insert it into the slave's asshole. The slave pushed his hips up to meet her finger then pressed his cock into her lap. He alternated stimulating his asshole on her finger and his cock against her lap. This continued for several minutes until the slave rolled off her lap and lie down on the bed, his cock sticking straight up, harder than Cleopatra had ever seen it.

Panting, trying to gather his strength during this brief interruption, he asked Cleopatra to kneel between his legs and begin stroking his erection. "Now I want you to suck my erection, but before you do, stroke it slowly and tell me what will happen when I approach orgasm." She continued the slow stroking as she began to describe what the impending experience would be like for him. "As I suck you, your cock will again swell to the proportions we just saw. Your balls will swell and tighten. I'll be holding your cock with my hand while my lips circle your cock and slide up and down. As you get closer to coming, I'll allow my wet mouth to moisten the length of your shaft so that my hand will be able to begin stroking your entire erection with my lips. When I hear that you are about to come, I will continue sucking you. I am not going to stop, I am going to suck until you come. I am going to jerk you off into my mouth. I am going to empty your balls into my mouth as they pump stream after stream of come into me." The slave couldn't stand the descriptions any longer and ordered Cleopatra to begin. He spread his legs wide as Cleopatra's hot wet lips descended on him. He could tell that orgasm wasn't far away. As Cleopatra had stroked his cock, already a large drop of clear silvery liquid had formed at the tip. Cleopatra's mouth had already moistened the length of his shaft and her hand had started stroking the wet shaft in unison with her mouth. He could feel the approaching climax and lifted his legs in the air as he gasped for air between loud desperate moans. As he lifted his legs, Cleopatra sensed that this was the moment. She place the index finger of her free hand on his asshole and slowly pressed into him. As the blonde slave felt the finger penetrating him, he lost all control. He felt jets of come race out of his balls, rush down the length of his shaft and explode into the recesses of his Queen's mouth. He cried out, "I'm coming, Angel. I'm coming, I'm coming. Oh Angel, oh Angel." Over and over he repeated this, his eyes shut, as his pumping balls filled the mouth of his Queen with his spunk. Slowly the intensity of each spurt reduced until the slave lay there quiet and the Queen slowly licked and sucked his now softening organ.

Patiently, Cleopatra lay there waiting for the blonde slave to return to consciousness. When he did, he informed Cleopatra that this once, she would have to satisfy herself, just he had done during the last several weeks. He prepared to leave, wearing his new loincloth when Cleopatra called to him. "It is true that you now hold a power over me so that I will be unable to order your death or castration should you displease. But remember, that should I so desire, I may seek satisfaction over you in other ways." With this, the slave quietly returned to his quarters.

Such is the contents of scrolls V through VIII. As already stated, translation of scrolls IX to XI are well underway and their contents should be published in a soon to be published article in this publication. ___________________________ WALTER S. ROLFSON is the newest member of the Cleopatra Scrolls decipherment team. Hebrings to the team a fresh outlook on matters as he is married toSally Suckmore, noted star of "adult" movies. Sally having portrayed Cleopatra in the adult hit "Wild on the Nile" and hasbeen able to help Walter in his efforts. Walter graduated from North Carolina State University where he was best known for having finished the coloring of the holdings in the university library. ___________________________